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is an edu-tech company helping students to plan their career. With the help of advanced technology and algorithms we are able to find the unique skills and abilities of each student and guide them though their best matched courses and careers.

We are in business partnership with I dream career (https://idreamcareer.com) India’s largest career counseling company. We provide customized counseling services to each student with a deeper understanding of their abilities and skills. Our certified and experienced counselors help students in navigating through every step of their career journey.

Career counseling at the right time brings out the hidden potential and individual talents of each child, and help them become aware of their strengths and abilities. Through personalized guidance we are able to channelize these traits in to a promising career.

The explosion of internet and the access to information has empowered us in many ways. But the overload of information also causes confusion to lot of students on making the right career decisions. Identifying the unique abilities of every student and aligning them to matched careers becomes extremely important. This situation also demands the need for structured and organized information on careers, educational institutions, entrance exams etc.…, as our opportunities are global now.

Many Indian children grow up believing that there are only a few career options to be taken – engineering, medicine, law, and commerce. While these limited options had enormous scope and professional opportunities twenty years ago, they have now become saturated. Lakhs of students blindly take up conventional options in the absence of the knowledge of anything else. Factors influencing these decisions include family and societal expectations.

As the world gets increasingly globalized, the newer choices brought by technology innovations are going to shape the future of many fields. It is extremely important that children entering college be trained in these vocations, so that they are prepared to exploit future benefits.

Career counseling is a fundamental component for shaping the future of a generation. Not only it would result in thousands of happy and successful future professionals, it will definitely benefit the nation’s economy as whole.

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