Know your self
1. Online assessment- Aptitude/ Personality/ Interest- Evaluate yourself accurately
2. Report Generation(17 pages) - get top 3-stream recommendations
3. Report analysis- Strengths and weakness, personality types , areas of interest and more


Personalized counseling session
1. Personalized guidance- expert advice on streams and subjects
2. All round evaluation- narrow down your options, understand academic, work style, personality type and more
3. Resolve queries - Clear all your doubts. Extended support over mail/ call / chat for 6 months.


Early start on career exploration
1. Choose your most suitable stream and Subject
2. Explore careers for your chosen stream - Access to well researched resources on careers, courses, colleges and more
3. Plan ahead for your career- customized plan for you- by short listing careers and begin your journey
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Let’s help you discover your perfect stream

10th & 12th - Career Navigator

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We focus on your story