Know your self
1. Online assessment- Aptitude/ Personality/ Interest- Evaluate yourself accurately
2. Report Generation(17 pages) - get top 3-stream recommendations
3. Report analysis- Strengths and weakness, personality types , areas of interest and more


Personalized counseling session
1. Personalized guidance- expert advice on streams and subjects
2. Deeper career insights- improved career suggestions by evaluating your motivators, work style and more through interactive sessions
3. Resolve queries - Clear all your doubts. Extended support over mail/ call / chat for 6 months


Next best step for your successful career
1. Evaluate your suitable career options. Use our expert advice on right college and courses within India and abroad.( with our Award winning Dashboard access)
2. Build a career plan and a backup plan. Find out routes to reach your career goals. Get suggestions on domain change and higher education.
3. Accelerate your career- Go beyond just career choice. Support on resume preparation, critical work place skills, Communication and more
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Let’s help you discover your perfect stream

8th & 9th - Stream selector

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Frequently Asked Questions

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